Alice Lake alice-lake-8x10-2822.jpg

Alice Lake

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Cool Eclipse (1 of 2) blue-eclipse-room-1.jpg

Cool Eclipse (1 of 2)

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Warm Eclipse (2 of 2) orange-eclipse-room-1.jpg

Warm Eclipse (2 of 2)

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Stanley Sky stanley-sky-8x10-6516.jpg

Stanley Sky

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Night Sky Panorama moon-milkyway-1.jpg

Night Sky Panorama

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Downtown Traffic Trails boise-downtown-night-8x10-1029.jpg

Downtown Traffic Trails

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Light Strings light-string-8x10-1054.jpg

Light Strings

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Light Pollution light-pollution-8x10-0289.jpg

Light Pollution

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Idaho Sky idaho-sky-8x10-0986.jpg

Idaho Sky

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Lighted Pathway lighted-pathway-8x10-1108.jpg

Lighted Pathway

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Dark Corner dark-corner-8x10-0174.jpg

Dark Corner

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Night Flowers night-flowers-8x10-8120.jpg

Night Flowers

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Stadium stadium-8x10-0083.jpg


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Light Bokeh light-bokeh-8x10-0106.jpg

Light Bokeh

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Night Train 844-train-room-1.jpg

Night Train

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Moonshot moonshot-room-1.jpg


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